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Longarm Services and Pricing

We offer edge to edge pantograph designs, trimming and binding services. 

Batting, backings, and bindings for purchase too! 


Edge-to-Edge Pantographs

We offer a wide variety of edge-to-edge pantographs to complete your quilt top.  The design will travel left to right in the chosen pattern to create a flawless and cohesive look throughout the quilt top.  We offer many pantograph options and are adding more! 

All edge-to-edge quilting is $0.02 per square inch.  To determine the cost of the quilting use this formula:  Width x Length x .02 = price

Example: a quilt top measuring at 60x80.  60 x 80 x .02 = $96.00


We currently stock Hobbs 80/20.  Batting is sold by the yard, pricing varies by batting. 

Hobbs 80/20 (96") - $8.00 per yard

Warm and Natural Cotton (90") - $10.00 per yard

Quilter's Dream Wool Batting - $33.00 for 96 x 93 inches

Quilter's Dream Bamboo Batting (90") - $11.00 per yard



We will trim the excess batting and fabric from your quilt top.  All usable fabric and batting will be returned to customer. 

Rough trim - $5.00

We will cut the excess fabric and batting roughly 1/4 inch from the edge of the quilt.   

Exact trim - $10.00 

We will trim and square your quilt top.  Any large changes in finished size when squaring the top will be communicated with the quilt owner before cutting.  You can choose to have the scraps returned to you or you can leave the scraps behind at Buffalo Flatts Quilt Co. 



Hate binding a quilt? Want to have a quilt returned completely finished? Let us take care of that for you!   We offer binding services that include machine stitched binding to the front and hand sewn to the back.  We can even create the binding for you!  Supply your own fabric or purchase something from the shop.  

Binding Options Price 
You send the binding, already made and we will machine stitch to the front of the quilt $10.00

You send the binding, already made and we will machine stitch to the front of the quilt, and hand bind to the back. 


Send fabric for the binding, we cut and prep the binding and return to you.  (No sewing binding to quilt)


Send the fabric the binding, we cut and prep the binding and machine attach to front of quilt


Send the fabric the binding, we cut and prep the binding, machine attach to front of quilt, and hand bind to the back



Returning your Quilt:


We charge $10.00 for return shipping. 


Minimum order is $45.00

Getting Started

To get started, fill out the longarm request form.  We will contact you within 24-48 hours of receiving your request form.